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Tranquil Backpacking Village

At Urban Glamping, backpackers guests are treated to a unique luxury backpacking experience with our pool side loungers, open plan kitchen facilities and custom bathroom areas.

What does it mean to be a backpacker?
Think of a “backpacker” as someone who is traveling with a backpack. This is a person who is taking a vacation or traveling for whatever reason but instead of carrying a suitcase and luggage, is carrying everything in a backpack. A backpacker is likely someone who would be staying in a hostel rather than in a hotel. They will be more likely to take public transportation and walk than to rent a car.

This is luxury backpacking and camping at its best – Glamping! You do not need to bring your own bed, mattress or tent – this is all setup and provided for you. Simply come along with your items and move in. Each tent has a side table for your items, lighting and an overhead fan to keep you cool. There is plenty of space inside for you and your luggage.

We also offer proper ablution facilities – private cubicles in a communal bathroom.

After a long day, why not end up at the backpackers pool area, which has an adjoining kitchen area as well as comfortable lounging sofas.

Light a fire and enjoy a b.b.q. -you are in South Africa after all, or enjoy a game of pool or foosball!
There is full use of the kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals in the company of others.
A golden rule on the property is NO GUESTS ARE ALLOWED TO DO DISHES.

We provide each tent with their fridge space in a marked container so your goods are separate from others.
We know that this looks like a party paradise, but the opposite is true. We do not cater for parties, we cater for travelers who appreciate tranquility.

If you have mistakenly booked this as a party venue please cancel immediately.
Failure to obey our no noise policy will lead to your eviction from the property!
Please note no children under 12 allowed to stay in the backpackers.

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